Learning Management System

This online learning system has been prepared by the NSWJA Inc to enable Justices of the Peace in NSW to gain a better understanding of the NSW Justice of the Peace Handbook © 2013, issued by the Department of Attorney General and Justice, January 2014, revised 2017 and is based on the contents of the Handbook. 

While this online learning system may be used to assist a NSW Justice of the Peace prepare for the online test required to be completed by a NSW Justice of the Peace requesting reappointment or by a person applying to be a Justice of the Peace, it does not necessarily reflect the content or format of the online test.

While every care has been taken in relation to its accuracy, no warranty is given or implied. Persons making a decision about their legal rights and obligations in relation to matters addressed in this online learning system should obtain their own independent advice and should not rely on this online learning system to make a decision.