Prospective Membership

Planning to become a JP?  Want to prepare for the knowledge test?

The NSWJA has a membership category just for you: Prospective Member.

A Prospective Member is a person who intends to seek an appointment as a JP and join the Association as an ordinary member when entitled to do so. 

  • A Prospective Member may access the NSWJA Learning Management System (online training), the Justice of the Peace Journal, open training sessions, and attend Branch meetings (an opportunity to meet with other JPs). With the agreement of the Desk Coordinator and the client, a Prospective Member may observe procedures at a Community JP Desk.

  • A formal application for Prospective membership shall be completed by an individual, including an undertaking specifically to be bound by the NSWJA Constitution.

  • A Prospective membership fee applies, as determined by the Association. The prospective membership is offered for a one-year term.

  • A Prospective Member is not entitled to vote or accept any elected office within the Association.

  • Once the NSWJA Administration Centre is advised that the Prospective Member has been sworn in as a JP, their membership status will be converted to Ordinary Member and $37.50 will be deducted from the applicable membership fee.

To apply for Prospective Membership of the Association download and submit the Prospective Member Application Form,