From April 11th 2019 all NSW JPs are required to register for the new JP ONLINE portal.

All NSW JPs are now required to have access to a valid email address as this will be the only way the department will communicate with JPs.  The JP ONLINE portal is where a current NSW JP will complete the JP KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT prior to applying for reappointment.

An application for re-appointment can only proceed once the JP has gained a 100% pass mark on the JP Knowledge Assessment. Once you have completed the knowledge assessment you are required to complete an application for re-appointment. 

If you are a community based JP you will need to write a statement of less than 2,000 words stating why your community JP appointment should be continued. If you are an employment-based JP you are required to submit a letter of support from your employer.

Once you have completed the assessment and application process you can continue to perform JP functions until the a determination.  (Justices of the Peace Act 2002 No 27, Part 2, Section 4 (4))

Applications for a new JP must complete the knowledge assessment BEFORE they can proceed with the application.

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